Your customer wants an effortless coffee experience with delicious coffee from a hassle-free coffee machine. Therefore, you need to be able to act proactively and have all the detailed machine-information available to you, anytime and anywhere. That’s where ConnectMe comes in. 

Why ConnectMe works for you

  • Change recipes or the selection menu of the coffee machine remotely
  • Easily and quickly upload new videos or photos to the machine
  • Scheduling videos and photos on the machine in advance
  • Interact with the employee or visitor by asking a question via the screen
  • Direct insight into the status or the statistics of the machine

ConnectMe video: advantages for operators

Why ConnectMe works for your customer

  • Access to the information about the coffee machine in ConnectMe
  • Upload and schedule your photos and videos
  • ConnectMe can also be used to interact with your employees or visitors
  • Better service by allowing you to make changes remotely

ConnectMe video: for your customer

Higher service, lower costs

ConnectMe helps you improve your customer support, making it faster and more proactive than ever before.

If an error occurs, you’ll be instantly notified. ConnectMe provides two-way communication, enabling you to diagnose the problem without leaving your office. You can now even make changes remotely, such as editing recipes or the machine's selection screen. This allows you to help your customer on the spot, while saving time and resources yourself.

Data is knowledge

With ConnectMe, you get to know our coffee machines like never before. You simply login on your mobile phone or laptop and get valuable insights into the coffee machine. Think for example of the number of consumptions, the most recent cleaning cycle and the machine’s operational status.

Customization & Promotion

Announce a new colleague, schedule your weekly lunch promotion, or ask a question via the screen to your employees or visitors. You can do all that and much more on the screen of your coffee machine. ConnectMe turns your coffee machine into an interactive communication platform. Easy to set up remotely.

Are you a partner of de Jong DUKE and would like to try-out ConnectMe? Then request a ConnectMe demo account.

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Want to learn more?

Would you like to learn more on how ConnectMe can benefit to your business? Then fill in your contact details and our ConnectMe product manager Monique Klein will get in touch with you.

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