We proudly present the Rosa, our stylish and reliable high-quality coffee machine that goes beyond the ordinary to provide your customers with an exceptional coffee experience.

iF award Rosa 2024

Aluminum front

Rosa's modern appearance with eye-catching aluminum front design will integrate into any setting. An easy cleaning process, and an intuitive service menu makes ROSA a breeze to use and maintain, allowing you to focus on what matters most: delivering an exceptional coffee experience to your valued customers.

High-quality coffee

The ROSA gives consistently high-quality coffee and espresso drinks and offers a wide variety of coffee drinks. Drinks are put in the spotlight and guide the customer to intuitively understand when drinks are ready.

New poll function

Polls can be easily created and set up in ConnectMe. The results will be shown directly on the screen of the machine.


Engage with the user and add storytelling about the coffee beans, its origin and taste profile in the drinks menu. Easily updated via ConnectMe.

ROSA label

Sustainability information can be found near the ROSA label. This label is made of plant-based leather.

Customizable menu

A user-friendly and customizable interface with big icons, clear texts and product images. Intuitive to navigate for the user.


Do you want to know more? Visit our marketing portal to download the ROSA brochure

ROSA options

We offer a wide variety of options and accessories to tailor to your needs. Choose a coffee brewer or configure the machine to the specific needs of your clients by choosing the number of bean canisters, different canisters for products like milk powder, chocolate drink powder, or even plant-based products. A cabinet can be ordered to add a water cooler for cold or sparkling water or a waste guide. You’ll also be able to add a payment system to your machine.


Dispense zone lighting

Drinks are put in the spotlight


consumer engagement with customized poll via ConnectMe.


information near the ROSA label (plant-based leather)

Coffee stories

Add storytelling about the coffee beans via ConnectMe.

Easy cleaning

We make it simple.

Interface options

A user-friendly and customizable interface

More information

Would you like to learn more about the ROSA and the possibilities this machine has to offer? If so, contact us or let us contact you.

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