Virtu C-series

The Virtu C-series features a cup dispensing system for 220 cups. Choose your favourite coffee without placing a cup on the machine. Your coffee will be served in a cup provided by the Virtu. Virtu C-series is available with different brewing systems.


Cup dispensing system

No need for your own cup

Easy cleaning

Maintenance. We make it simple.

Customisable front

Matches every environment

Payment system



Turns Virtu into a communication platform

Visible fresh beans

What you see is what you get


We have a range of Virtu support materials available for you, which you can download here. Visit our marketing portal to download Virtu images.

Virtu Product Brochure

Virtu C-series

C40-serie | filterfresh® (paper filter)
The Virtu C40-series gives you the volume and maintenance advantages of instant coffee and is equipped with a cup dispensing system, with a capacity of 220 cups.

C50-serie | Instant
A cup dispensing system can be installed, so the Virtu machines dispense the freshly brewed filter coffee in a cup, if the customer does not place a cup on the machine. This is the C50-series.

C70-serie | CoEx® Fresh brew (paperless)
A paperless freshly brewed coffee or espresso can be dispensed in a cup, as the C70-series is equipped with a fully automatic cup dispensing system.

C90-serie | CoEx® Bean2cup
The Virtu C90-series combines all features to ensure a perfect coffee supply in your office; beans are freshly ground, coffees and espressos freshly brewed with a paperless brewer and the machine dispenses a cup when this is necessary.

Cup dispensing system

The Virtu C-series are equipped with a cup dispensing system for 220 cups. You don't have to bring your own cup. If you wish to use your own cup, the machine will not dispense a cup and if no cups are available in the cup dispenser, you can still get a drink using your own cup. Easy does it.

10,4 inch touch screen

The responsive full colour touch screen and user-friendly interface enables you to easily and quickly navigate to your favourite cup of coffee.


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A brewing system for every need

Choose FilterFresh® for a traditional way of making coffee with paper filter. This brewer lets you enjoy fresh and pure coffee. Serve over 200 cups of coffee with one fill. Instant for even more consumptions per fill and less daily maintenance. Coffee made fast. The CoEx® brewer gives you the one brewer to make freshbrew coffee and real Espresso with its patented pressure switch. Besides freshly brewed coffee and “straight-up” espresso, the Virtu grinds your espresso and coffee beans freshly, seconds before brewing.

Options & Accessories

Every environment has its own needs when it comes to coffee. We have various options and accessories to build a Virtu that seamlessly fits your space.

More information

Would you like to learn more about the Virtu C-series and the possibilities this machine has to offer? If so, contact us or let us contact you.

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